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At Taafe Law we understand you are going through a transitional time. Our goal is to help you efficiently resolve your legal concerns so you can move forward with your life. With many years of experience representing clients in all legal matters in many areas of practice, including:

Family law in Ontario and Canada has evolved over the past few years to encompass many types of relationships. Depending on whether you are in a ‘traditional’, ‘common law’ or ‘same sex’ relationship, Taafe Law Professional Corporation offers tailored family legal advice regarding:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support & Access
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Family Property
A prenuptial agreement may include what happens to your assets if you die and how your children from a previous marriage will be dealt with if you and your intended partner separate.

In addition to a basic amount set out in the Child Support Guidelines, the paying parent may be required to contribute to other ‘extraordinary’ expenses such as:

  • Health Expenses
  • Orthodontic Expenses
  • Daycare Expenses
  • Primary School, Secondary School or Post-Secondary School Education
  • Expenses for Extracurricular Activities

In a ‘traditional’ legal marriage, you and your partner are responsible for each other’s financial support, regardless of how long you’ve been married. Unmarried spouses have to be living together for a minimum of three years or have a child from the relationship to qualify for support. Support is based on “if there is an ability to pay and a need”. There are several factors used to answer the questions of both need and ability. Contact us to learn more.

Collaborative Practice, including Collaborative Law and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce is the newest approach for resolving family disputes. In Collaborative law, clients and their attorneys commit themselves by signing a participation agreement to resolve the client’s issues without going to court.

Total emphasis is on settlement through interest-based negotiations versus the traditional method of using adversarial tactics. Focusing on the clients’ real needs and interests leads to more creative and equitable agreements. However, this method only works if both parties set aside their basic acrimonies and resentment, disclose all relevant information, put the children’s needs first and look for mutually acceptable solutions.

A Will is an important document and assists those we leave behind with the administration of the deceased’s estate. Wills are also vital when it comes to making your last wishes known. A Will ensures that your property is distributed according to your last wishes. Having a well drafted and prepared Will reduces family conflict, which certainly can develop when trying to interpret a vague Will.

This is a powerful document and can be used for both property and personal care. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is sometimes referred to as a “Living Will”. This document can be used for all adults during periods of incapacity.

Taafe Law Professional Corporation will professionally and compassionately resolve the legal and financial issues associated with settling an estate. Call today.

When Trustees or beneficiaries dispute the interpretation of a Will, there may be need for court intervention.

Lesley’s fees include all disbursements, such as title searching, execution searches, courier costs, etc.

All-inclusive Pricing:

Real Estate

Purchase $1,299.00 plus HST – $1,467.87 plus registrations ($73.35 per registration) which most purchases have two registrations one for the transfer and one for the mortgage and land transfer taxes.

Sale $950.00 plus HST – $1073.50

Transfer/Survivorship or Transmissions Applications $475.00 plus HST and Disbursements (title searches and registrations).

Mortgage and Transfer $800.00 for the mortgage and $275.00 for the transfer.

Please note, the above prices are basic Real Estate files, should your file be a rush, or require extensive searches there may be additional fees.


Joint Will and Powers of Attorney $950.00 plus HST = $1073.50
Joint Will NO POA’s $850.00 plus HST = $960.50
Single Will and Powers of Attorney $650.00 plus HST = $735.50

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